Saturday, July 22, 2006

Being a Frugal Fashionista

I'll be honest. I have an open love affair with fashionable clothes and beauty products. I, in some ways, can identify with the heroine in the popular chick-lit book Shopoholic. Over the year I have learned many lessons when it comes to style.

Being stylish in beautiful clothes = tres chic
Being swarmed in debt via shopping = not tres chic
Don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with having splurges. The key is to having enough to enjoy these purchaces without the guilt. I'm a firm believer that there are things worth splurging and that there are things that can and should be in the save column.For those of you that love fashion and want to dress well without breaking the bank this is a must read. How to be a Budget Fashionista By Kathryn Finney is one the best guides in not only helping someone cultivate their personal sense of style, it serves as a great tool to creating a fabulous wardrobe sans the necessity for a loan.


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